Carving Search

‘Carvings’ are design symbols that are incorporated into the monument layout. Carvings are intended to personalize the memorial to reflect the lives of those being remembered. Heritage utilizes a unique full color computer sketch program to illustrate memorial lettering schemes and layouts. Our carving search gives customers access to over 19,000 cataloged designs, which can then be incorporated into a computer sketch produced by any of our sales representatives. All cataloged carvings within our database are at no extra cost, and are included in the monument purchase price.


Love & Devotion Theme

Carvings that reflect a family’s emotional feelings towards each other


Religion Theme

Carvings that illustrate a strong religious faith


Occupational Theme

Carvings that tell a story of an individual’s professional life


Leisure Theme

Carvings that reflect a lifelong love of a specific activity or sport


Vehicle Theme

Carvings intended to display a favorite car or truck that meant so much


Plant Theme

Carvings such as a cultivated rose demonstrate love and femininity